Since joining PPFC we have been overwhelmed with the commitment and dedication of the coaches and managers. They look at each child individually and cater to their training and needs and offer them extra opportunities to improve wherever they can including attending older training sessions and spectating the older team’s matches. Fantastic football club! Ten out of Ten.

Player (Marios)

Thanks Andy


I think PPFC provides a great environment for the kids to enjoy playing football with the right support and encouragement, and this was even more evident during lockdown and how Roberto was missing it. 

Player (Roberto)

Best Julia


Priory Park Football Club is more than great football and fantastic coaching. It’s like a family and one of the greatest examples of grassroots football clubs around. Everyone is a volunteer and devote their weekends to it. I love being part of it and the waiting list alone attests to the sheer popularity. My son has been part of the club since he was a little boy and it’s helped shape him to be a young man he is today.

Player (Max)

Allona mum and volunteer extraordinaire