Under 8s, 9s, 10s, 11s, 12s, 13s, 14s, 15s

Greg: Head Coach U9s

PPFC embodies everything I love about the community that we live in. It’s a place for children (& parents) to come together, blow out the cobwebs and be part of a competitive and friendly environment. My children and I have loved being part of this club over the years and now being part of the coaching team has bought new adventures.





Tom: Head Coach U10s

It all started with Covid.  On Friday afternoons my sons school closed at midday and the kids had an afternoon to fill.  I decided to volunteer to coach a session in the local park and witnessed friendships form and children thrive having fun again.  As my son enjoyed the sport, I got him into a North London academy but found after 18 months that the focus was elitist, and many kids were not taking the enjoyment from the sport that I had.  At this stage I chatted to other parents and decided to pop along to Priory Park FC.  On first visit it struck me how inclusive and child focussed the environment was.  Kids laughing, having fun, and keeping fit whilst learning new skills.  I signed my son up and at the same time was talked into helping on the coaching side.  As all the coaches are volunteers you can just see how genuine everyone is in helping all the children and making it the best place to play Football.  A great club where we try our best to win, but not at all costs.





John: Head Coach U11s

My son started training at PPFC when he was in year 1 and I volunteered to help soon afterwards. Fast forward three years and I am now one of the coaches for the u11s. The learning curve has been steep at times but thoroughly rewarding. I have recently completed my FA level 1 badge and I plan to continue my learning. The whole experience has made me fall back in love with the game and I plan to get back to playing too.






Christie: Head Coach U13s


As a kid I loved playing all sports – I’d try anything. I loved learning the skills and the competition. It helped my self confidence and social skills.

Football has always been a huge part of my life. I played through all the age groups into Uni. Football, more than most sports, is so global. If you have the ability to play and talk about the game it can be a real common ground in all sorts of situations.

Now I’ve got two boys, 10 and 6, and both play. I started taking my oldest son down to the park with a bunch of his mates every week. It was great to see their progression – from chasing the ball and not wanting to pass to an understanding of passing and moving, holding positions and working good team goals.

My son now plays for PPFC and when Kirt asked if I’d help out, it seemed the perfect way to make ‘coaching’ more formal.



Dan: U14s Head Coach  

They say those that can’t do, teach… Yet, all the coaches at PPFC still play footy for fun and then some! It’s that passion for the beautiful game and its ability to bring us all together – the world over – that is deep in the DNA of the club. Watching my son develop his skills, make new friends and have a blast each week, whatever the weather, has been a revelation. It’s why I relished the opportunity to do my FA Level 1 coach training and become part of a team that aims to give boys and girls in our community the chance to build their confidence through teamwork, be creative with their skills on the pitch and have a lot of fun.

I’m really looking forward to working with Kirt and the coaches building a new U14s team for next season and believe my energy, enthusiasm and love for the game will inspire them to be the best they can be and keep coming back each week. “Who are we? Priory Park FC!”




Chris: U15s Head Coach 

Football has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. I play it, watch it and talk about it at every opportunity. When Gascoigne is your surname, it’s hard to avoid it! My first experience of the club was when my son attended a drop-in session on a Sunday morning. I was struck by the organisation and energy of the coaches and, most importantly, my son absolutely loved it! He now plays every week for PPFC and his development under the guidance of the club is great to see. My daughter has recently joined the club too and is full of enthusiasm for the game, not least as a result of the engaging training sessions each Sunday. 

So, when Kirt asked if I’d like to get involved I jumped at the chance. I’ve been assisting for the past season and am now an FA Level 1 coach. Football can be a fiercely competitive game, full of passion and pressure, which is why many of us love it so much.

However, if you ask the children at our club why they like football (as I did as part of my FA Level 1), their first answer is always the same – because it’s FUN!  That’s the ethos I aim to bring to coaching. I hope to help our players learn about the game, feel part of a team, improve their ability and to have the confidence to express themselves on the pitch. Ultimately it’s about the player’s enjoyment and continued development, both as footballers and as people. 



Stephen: U15s Assistant Coach

PPFC became a regular fixture in Priory Park in the years I spent the majority of my waking hours in the playground there, trying to wear out my 3 toddlers! I was instantly struck with what a nurturing and inclusive club it appeared to be and knew that, as soon as my toddlers reached the right age, I’d sign them up, which I duly did. After a couple of years as a spectator Dad, and after the club moved to OR Tombo, I joined the coaching team to help Kirt open the doors to more kids of all ages.

I have loved being a part of PPFC. It’s a great club, committed to providing a safe, fun and stimulating environment for kids to exercise and develop their footballing and social skills. And the family feel amongst the players, the coaches and the support team makes it just that little bit more special. Knowing how much the players look forward to Sunday mornings, and how much I do too, makes it all worthwhile. 

As a Spurs fan, my only complaint would be the choice of red as the primary club colour. But with Kirt, a massive Arsenal fan, founding and running the show, what chance did we have?